Merchandise Guidelines

West Chester Antique Center promises our customers the finest in quality, authenticity and condition. As such, we only accept items for consignment that meet our standards. The items must truly be antique or collectible to be considered.

We will sell almost any fine antique, large or small. This includes jewelry and watches, glassware, pottery, artwork, silver, furs, furniture, lighting, rugs, and almost anything else that is old and desirable.

To accomplish this goal, we need your pride, participation and commitment. All merchandise is to be “room ready." This means no “rough” pieces, which includes severely damaged or DIRTY items; however, these pieces will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If you display primitives, please make sure they are clean and free from wood boring insects. Certain new items may be used to properly accent an old piece, such as a new shade on an antique lamp, new upholstery on an old stool, sofa, chair, etc., new frame for an antique print, picture, or sampler, etc., or a new print antique frame.

If you sell prints, please understand that knowledgeable customers are asking to remove the print from the frame; unless it is clear that the print is in the original frame and the backing is undisturbed. If this is the case, mark the tag accordingly. If you re-frame a print, leave the backing paper off and use a minimal number of nails to hold the print in the frame so that it can be easily inspected by the customer.

Management may remove any item if, in their opinion, it is poor taste or is in any way objectionable - whether or not it meets timeline standards. Exhibitors may not sell items that are forbidden by State or Federal law to include, but not limited to, pornographic materials, firearms manufactured after 1900, protected animal species, and items that do not meet Fire Marshal1 or EPA regulations. Merchandise in non-compliance with our guidelines will be removed from exhibitor’s space, when found.


How It Works


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